About Us

Cryptforensic Investigators helps individuals and their lawyers, primarily in the divorce sector, find and track cryptocurrency funds which they may be partially entitled to through blockchain forensics and cryptocurrency forensic accounting.

Our experience in this space is extensive and not limited to tracking holdings of Bitcoin and Ethereum. We act as a private investigation service in cases involving hidden or non-disclosed cryptocurrency assets and act as an expert witness if requested. We consult with and offer guidance to individuals regarding appropriate steps to take so that ultimately they can recover their fair share of cryptocurrency assets.

Please note, Cryptforensic Investigators is now part of CipherBlade.

How we do it

Distributed ledger technologies utilized by practically all cryptocurrencies are not anonymous; far from it. All transactions are recorded permanently and publicly on the blockchain and can be viewed, investigated and audited by anyone, at any time, indefinitely. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies are far more transparent than traditional payment systems.

We primarily help individuals going through a divorce, where they suspect or know their spouse is not being truthful about the value of their cryptocurrency holdings; it has become frequently common for millions of dollars worth of holdings to go unreported. We can also help out other civil cases involving cryptocurrency as private investigators and consultants, including cases involving bankruptcy or child support.

What you will need are experts that are highly knowledgeable that can find, decipher, and track transaction history, prove ownership of funds, and uncover attempts by individuals to mask or hide their transactions or cryptocurrency holdings. That's where we come in.

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